Dating method for volcanic ash direct dating in archaeology

See that ash cloud coming - entertain yourself while in the Airport Lounge - waiting for it to pass.Simple viewer which displays the London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) their graphical notices in something of a very crude slide show.

Clicking on any of the bubbles or the date will show the actual advisories either as seen - or in their original raw wire/telex format.

Note that this application nor its author do not have any affiliation with the NOAA, ESA or VAAC - so do not take this data seriously -and always consult authoritative sources

It is the sort of thing one codes up while waiting in that very same airport lounge....

much faster loading, support for the i Pad, better cashing of NOTAMs, view of the raw NOTAM source, view of the contours for each flight level and a lot of small bug fixes.

fix crash on first-startup-while-in-airplane mode, bug fix orientation code, support for i OS4.

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Geologic assessment of active tectonism depends on two key measures: the age and the amount of deformation of a given stratigraphic unit.

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