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and she was just playing me stuff.” “I heard that scratch demo and it was just piano and her vocal and those lyrics really stood out to me,” he continued. this is something really big, something universal that the world would feel but like that I feel and relates to where my head is at right now.’ Yeah, that was it.

We built the track around the rough demo of it, built it all out, arranged the verses and I just elaborated on what the concept meant to me.” G-Eazy’s gut instinct was right.

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With the track being furiously added to pop and rhythmic radio, it won’t be long before it cracks the top 10.

She explained the real intent behind her lyrics to Noisey.

"Honestly, I think most songs are subject to the listeners' interpretation, and that's absolutely the case with this song," she said.

‘Cause that’s what love’s about it’s not about just dating her it’s about dating her and her parents and so you gotta introduce yourself to her parents I wake up early cuz today is a big day and I need some help from God so I pray Lord, I super really need you to help me when I meet the parents of my Baby ‘Cause I’m gunna need a miracle if I’m gunna get through it alive in fact, I think I should get a protective helmet but I really need to be a man if I really love her then by Pilipino tradition I need parents’ permission to date their daughter I need to walk through hell and like Harry Potter, I need a magic spell imperious curse to be charming to her parents when she takes me home I have to be the one the man they’ll love to call their son and so today’s the day the courting process means that I must introduce myself to me parents-to-be they’ll really need to love me when I introduce myself To win her parents’ heart, oh this is my hope ‘cause I do not want to have to elpoe oh, I need to show that I’m intelligent and that I finished school even if I didn’t Aha!

I will tell them that I’m half Chinese and my parents own businesses, it’s a lie.

Whatever, they don’t have to know that I’m broke and I’ll tell them that I have a car even if I really just have bike I’ll say I have a driver when really it’s just Uber, on my mom’s credit card I’m meeting her parents, I need to exaggerate ‘Cause if they say NO then we can no longer date so I must do what I can do, need to play innocent, too if her dad knew all the things we do he’d kill me!

And this is why I say I’m freaking nervous ‘cause it’s time to introduce myself like many guys before, I need to be an angel when I introduce myself So here we are knocking at her parents’ door and I feel like I will faint on the floor I must remember to smile big when we meet because this might be the last time I have teeth Hello, Ma’am/Sir. your daughter’s boyfriend and I’m glad to introduce myself You never told me that your mom was beautiful and Sir, you’re not so bad yourself and now they ask about my life and job I say that I am all SUCCESS and WEALTH and then they say, they saw my Facebook page and now I’m heading home all by myself.

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, G-Eazy explained how their smash hit “Me, Myself & I” came together (above).

“We had a mutual friend that linked us up,” the rapper revealed. We hung out and we talked and yeah, basically she had a rough demo, like scratch vocals…

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