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Dave Mustaine is best known as the lead guitarist and lead singer of the American thrash metal band Megadeth.Apart from that he was also the original lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Metallica and it’s co-founder.

In 2003 he switched to ESP guitars, and 3 years later he made a final decision to switch to Dean guitars.

Nowadays he’s mostly plating the Dean VMNT model This was one of the first electric guitars that Dave ever picked up. The guitar was finished in tobacco burst, and featured two white uncovered humbuckers.

He played it in the very early days with his band “Panic”, before switching to a B. This was the guitar that Dave played with Panic, during his short affair with Metallica, with Fallen Angels, and (most likely) on some of the early stuff with Megadeth.

First photos of Dave playing this particular guitar go back to around 1980, and based on them – the guitar had natural finish, neck-through body design, two white uncovered Seymour Duncan humbuckers (most likely – at least according to 2015 NAMM interview with Dave), and a fixed bridge.

Also, Dave did not use the extra 4 strings that this guitar was built to support.

At some point in the early 80s Dave repainted the guitar black (more info on this below).According to an interview Dave gave at the 2015 NAMM, he played a Ibanez Destroyer at the time he joined Metallica in 1981.Our guess is that the guitar was brand new, since the Destroyer model was in fact released that same year following a lawsuit form Gibson against Ibanez for copying the design of their Explorer guitar.We only found one picture of Dave actually holding the guitar, and it seems that his model was finished in cherry sunburst, and had a maple top on mahogany body, maple neck with dot inlays, as well as Ibanez Super 58 humbucker in the neck, and Ibanez v2 in the bridge.It’s unclear what happened to this guitar in the post-Metallica period – he might’ve used it on some early Megadeth stuff, but we have no information that could point in that direction.Dave played this guitar from around 1984, up until 1986/87 when he completely switched to Jacksons.

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