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Stone Hill is located at 1110 Stone Hill Highway in Hermann, Missouri. And even though Missouri hadn't had a winery in more than 40 years, history was actually on the Held's side.That's in Gasconade County, about a 60 minute drive west of St. The winery is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. In 1900, Stone Hill was actually the third largest winery in the world. It and other local wines always did well at wine competitions.

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Since 1993, Stone Hill has won more than 3,200 awards, allowing it to claim to be the nation's most awarded winery.

Bringing in many of those awards are its very popular German-style whites, such as its Vignole and its Steinberg White. Because of Stone Hill, many Missourians drank deep red, full-bodied Nortons long before they became known worldwide.

With impressive structures dating to 1847, including its massive arched cellars, Stone Hill is a treat for anyone that likes history.

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Stone Hill is perhaps the best-known of all Missouri wineries.

In 1900, it was the nation's second biggest winery and routinely won gold medals at international competitions.

Today, it's building on that history to regain Missouri's place in the global wine arena.

And, as the area's most award winning winery, its making huge strides toward that goal. You can reach Stone Hill at (800) 909-9463 or by visiting the winery website.

Visitors certainly appreciate its wine, but Stone Hill's also king when it comes to atmosphere. In 1969, Jim and Betty Held bought Stone Hill Winery and began two seemingly impossible tasks.

The winery's listed on the National Historic Register, its 161-year-old cellars are the nation's largest, and few Missouri wineries offer better views or as serene a setting. First, to restore Missouri's oldest winery to its pre-prohibition state, and second, to regain respect for Missouri within the global wine market.

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