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There are 16 faculties: The Faculty of Geography, The Faculty of Economics, The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, The Faculty of Foreign Languages, The Faculty of History, Political Studies and International Relations, The Faculty of Computer Science, The Faculty of Graphic and Decorative Arts, The Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work, The Faculty of Applied Mathematics, The Faculty of Physics, The Faculty of Philology, The Faculty of Philosophy and Theology, The Faculty of Biology, Ecology and Biotechnologies, The Faculty of Physical Education and Health, The Faculty of Chemistry, The Faculty of Law and the General University Faculty of Architecture and Construction.The University has 14 buildings, botanical gardens, zoological and geological museums, a publishing house, a library with over 2.5 million copies.The total area is 110.8 thousand square meters, including training buildings - 66 square meters.

Dating romania community ua

On June 28, in the day of celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO made a fateful decision for the Ukrainian State: to include architectural ensemble of the Residence of the metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia (now Chernivtsi National University “Yuriy Fedkovych”) to the prestigious list of World Heritage - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Stefan cel Mare University is a modern institution with 50 years of tradition in higher education.

In 2005, the University adopted the principles of the Bologna Declaration and of the Magna Charta Universitatum.

Chernivtsi National University “Yuriy Fedkovych” is the leading Ukrainian institution for higher education in northern Bukovina.

It’s also one of the oldest traditional universities in Ukraine.

Located in the magnificent building of modern Chernivtsi the complex of the university is built between the years 1864-1882 as the residence of Bukovina metropolitans by the famous Czech architect - Josef Hlavka. The building’s style has the dominant motif of Byzantine and Romanesque architecture.

The University was founded as a Franz-Josefs University in 1875 on the basis of the Chernivtsi Higher Theological School.

Originally, the main language of instruction was German with separate departments for Ukrainian and Romanian language and literature.

Throughout time, the sinuous evolution of the institution was reflected in its frequent name changes: Franz Josephs University (1875-1918), King Carol I University of Chernivtsi (1919–1940) and Chernivtsi State University after 1940.

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