Dating shy

Dating extroverted girls may not be easy, but at least you can get a conversation going.

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Don’t give up too quickly, but realize you’ll have to do most of the heavy lifting in the conversation part of the approach, rapport, and close.

The great thing about outgoing women is they’ll give you feedback, especially if they like you.

You’ll get texts telling you that, as well as in person comments.

In high school I would often pick out a girl who seemed to be very introverted and try to get to know her better.

Like other guys, I assumed that shy girls were perfect to pursue and date.

The assumption is that those types of girls are easier to deal with and win over.

After all, they have to be quiet and introverted because they’re somehow deficient socially, right?

And, for guys who feel threatened by stronger, better looking women, it makes perfect sense.

But, winning over shy girls can be more difficult at times.

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