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George Robinson, shows trace admixed chalcocite but otherwise nearly pure anilite at this new surface find!!!

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AXINITE-(Mn) aka MANGANAXINITE- Block D, Merelani, Arusha, Tanzania We recently analytically confirmed this Mn-dominant axinite from the famous and prolific Merelani region, these occuring as pale bluish grey (some to slightly brownish) crystals and sections, all as tabular, glassy aggregates, most showing a few striated faces, with little or no matrix.

A copy of our analytical work accompanies each glassy specimen, and sizes range from about 1cm to nearly 3cm tall @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each. AZURITE with MALACHITE- Gettysburg Shaft, Savanna Mine, New Mexico A rather large and ugly specimen from this obscure locality in the Tyrone area of Grant County, comprised of weathered azurite pods to 1.5cm across acattered in rock matrix, associated with films and small, flattened fibrous masses of malachite as well.

Strictly a reference specimen with crude handwritten label, overall hefty size about 9x7cm @ just 45.00.

This is a selection from several of our recent catalogs with full descriptions.

For the latest lists, see our Current Catalog page; our Rare Species pages provide an alphabetical and locality list of offerings from the past several years only.

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AESCHYNITE-(Y)- Iveland, Aust Agder, Norway A small lot of dark brown, pure resinous material secured from a university collection caused us much grief recently. " from this prolific locality, and we procedded to analyzed multiple specimens in the hope of pinning down their identity.

Most of our studies showed the material to be aeschynite-(Y), but we also found microscopic intergrowths of polycase-(Y), samarskite-(Y) and other assorted mixtures similar to "ashanite" etc. Hence, we confidently label them as aeschynite-(Y) and supply an analytical copy, but we also know there are other intergrowths of yttrium-rich phases throughout!

The specimens are relatively pure, range from 1.5cm to 4.5cm, and are just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each!

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