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Troll Craft is a mod that allows you to do that thing you always wanted to do to your friend, troll him!!!This mod adds blocks and a new mob that makes trolling so much easier.But be careful, this mod makes the world a crueler place, and even Notch himself might troll you!

To get a Troll, you must get the soul of a person who once pranked and some paint.

Now that you've created a troll, you are now a troll... A Troll Soul can't really do anything, so you must put it to good use.

Give the troll a stone and he'll make it great for traps.

His soul goes into the stone and presto, you got a Troll Stone.

A Troll stone looks like a stone, feels like a stone, and is strong like a stone, but what makes it different from a stone? So place some in a cave and watch it suffocate people, or have a falling ceiling that falls with the press of a button, you decide!

When mined it drops regular cobblestone, so people will never know what it was.

Also, remember when I said Notch might be trolling you, well these a generate naturally, so even in single player you might get trolled!

Amazingly enough, Trolls actually have good drawing skills and will some paint, they can trick people.

With a Troll, a normal stone and some ink, you could make troll coal ore.

This acts just like its regular coal ore counterpart but it gives you fake coal.

It won't say in the GUI if its regular coal or not, the only way to find out is to test it. In fact, it would take over 100+ troll coals to smelt an item.

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