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This revolting site is filled with the worst human rubbish I have ever seen in my life, 99.9% ugly, disgusting, no class, white trash skanks. I wanted to see if POF could have a better chance at being decent than others. I realize that some places can be a rip off, scam or perhaps glitchy but POF seems to be an entity of just complete uncertainty and chance it's going to work if at all.In this current graceless age that is your typical North American Caucasian woman, basically the most undesirable skanks on the face of the earth. Stay away from this site or at least do not upgrade your membership ! I've read some of the other reviews, other people are being too hard of the site itself.

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Coming to dating sites indicates a bit of desperation.

To reject a man or woman, WITHOUT EVEN MEETING, is both weird and unfair.

Those who do, are denying themselves and others of what could be a great relationship, and that isn't fair.

I'm not sure what other men are like, but, women are very immature and fussy.

Regardless, I take no issue with this site, the users are the problem.

Just understand that it might take time, so, be patient.

I like this site a lot but expected a bit more considering how popular it is.

Happy to fork out the money as I have met up with people on dates but still waiting for Mr. Started using and really like that, dont understand why there arent more people talking about that one, it's even better than POF in my opinion.

It is a free site, you can contact users and chat with them, there are no restriction on giving e-mail or phone number, you can block users that you find abusive or otherwise unacceptable, there are plenty of users, much more than on Oasis, so I have found someone locally and we hit it straight away.

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