iran mendating a women - Dating someone with tbi

There was nothing unusual about the day I received that phone call. Everyone sees this tall Filipino man and expects a petite wife latched to his arm. Although our appearance seems unique, our love story is what truly sets us apart.It was October 9, 2010, and my daughter and I were chatting about meeting for lunch to catch up. It was summertime in the 70's in Lemoore, CA, and it was nearing an end.

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I was sprinting down the tarmac to catch my plane, the captain and a flight attendant waving me to hurry up.

But then I stopped running, as though I slammed into an invisible wall.

I couldn't force myself to take one more step in that direction, so I turned around and ran back into the airport to call my sister.

The next day, back in Lemoore, we all went to a Navy picnic.

As I meandered throughout a sea of Filipino sailors, I stopped instantly when I saw the most beautiful sight—a tall, handsome man hopping out of a fire-engine-red Trans Am.

By the end of the afternoon, everyone piled into their cars, and I volunteered to drive a drunk Tony back to the base.He began showering me with praise, and out of the blue, asked me to marry him.With a chuckle I retorted, "If you can say that when you're sober, you've got a deal."One year later Tony did just that before heading off to Spain.Knowing I may never have seen him again if I said no, I accepted.One month later I made my way to Rota, Spain, where we spent our first three years as a happily married couple.After our lengthy honeymoon in Spain, we settled down in Jacksonville, FL, where we raised three beautiful girls.

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