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Hyson and Karen Van Trieste Shyness is a common but little understood emotion.

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The basic feeling of shyness is universal, and may have evolved as an adaptive mechanism used to help individuals cope with novel social stimuli.

Shyness is felt as a mix of emotions, including fear and interest, tension and pleasantness.

Increase in heart rate and blood pressure may occur.

An observer recognizes shyness by an averted, downward gaze and physical and verbal reticence.

The shy person’s speech is often soft, tremulous, or hesitant.

Younger children may suck their thumbs: some act coy, alternately smiling and pulling away.

Shyness is distinguishable from two related behavior patterns; wariness and social disengagement.

Infant wariness of strangers lacks the ambivalent approach/avoidance quality that characterizes shyness.

Some older children may prefer solitary play and appear to have low needs for social interaction, but experience none of the tension of the genuinely shy child.

Children may be vulnerable to shyness at particular developmental points.

Fearful shyness in response to new adults emerges in infancy.

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