Dating world globes

But I must say for a small package you could scarcely find a more elegant presentation.This example is nicely preserved, a bit dirty especially in the northern hemisphere, and with a bit of wear to the base all in all a nice presentation.In fact this globe shows the correct and expected wear that suggests that nobody has tried their hand at armature cleaning or restoration, and that's a great thing!!

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Here is a great link to another example of this globe at the : Boston Public Library They seem to think it's 1870's I think that's a bit optimistic.

Six inch globes that early probably would have had a stained wood base not an ebonized one.

This globe comes "farm fresh" right out of a New Hampshire estate.

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Below, follow this blog via email, receive all updates in your in box I want to show you a great little globe that has made it's way into my humble collection. This gem of a globe has been on my most wanted list for quite awhile and finally my treasure hunt is over.

Six inch globes are the smallest size that Joslin made; as with many American globes of this size this model was most likely destined for a student's hands.Purchased either by a school district for classroom use, or by fortunate parents for home study.This globe would have retailed for about .00 in 1885.The orb is 6 inches in diameter and it is mounted with a graduated 1/2 meridian.The stand is of an ebonized wood, and the whole thing tops out at just under a foot tall.This acquisition continues my trend of buying small, becoming a necessity as space is coming at a premium these days.

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