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When I feel the need to bend my mind completely out of shape, I mess around with mod_rewrite!

after all this, it does work, and while I'm not planning on taking that week-end crash-course any time soon, I have picked up a few wee tricks myself, messing around with webservers and web sites, this place..

The plan here is to just drop some neat stuff, examples, things that has proven useful, stuff that works on a variety of server setups; there are apache's all over my LAN, I keep coming across old .htaccess files stuffed with past rewriting experiments that either worked; and I add them to my list (gramotki), or failed dismally; and I'm surprised that more often these days, I can see exactly why! Even the bits I figured out myself were already well documented, I just hadn't understood the documents, or couldn't find them. must be enabled for any rules to work, this is a security requirement of the rewrite engine.

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The next line simply switches on the rewrite engine for that folder.

if this directive is in you main .htaccess file, then the Re Write engine is theoretically enabled for your entire site, but it's wise to always add that line before you write any redirections, anywhere.

note: while some of the directives on this page may appear split onto two lines, in your .htaccess file, they must exist completely on one line.

It is hosted by Pixel X E.k (Niedersachsen, Braunschweig,) using Apache web server.

The programming language environment is PHP/5.2.17. It has 4 nameservers, including,, and ns26.ns26

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"The great thing about mod_rewrite is it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail.

The downside to mod_rewrite is that it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail." Brian Behlendorf - Apache Group One of the more powerful tricks of the .htaccess hacker is the ability to rewrite URLs.

This enables us to do some mighty manipulations on our links; useful stuff like transforming very long URL's into short, cute URLs, transforming dynamic into /friendly/flat/links, redirect missing pages, preventing hot-linking, performing automatic language translation, and much, much more. this isn't the subject for a quick bite-size tech-snack, probably not even a week-end crash-course, I've seen guys pull off some real cute stuff with mod_rewrite, but with kudos-hat tipped firmly towards that bastard operator from hell, Ralf S.

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