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Pros It's Just Lunch is a fantastic place to work.

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They provide the tools, training and encouragement to go straight to the top of the earning potential. There was nothing more important to me than getting to know my clients, getting them out on amazing dates, and then sharing in their excitement over who they just met.

Yes, I too did pick up the phone and dial clients who had used our service in the past but that in and of itself was exciting.... I loved the enthusiasm in people's voices when they told me "thanks for checking in on US..are still together." I wanted all the details!

I wanted to hear why this couple had individually come to date through IJL, what their expectations were, and how they knew each other was the right match.

Many of these happy couples couldn't wait to shoot me their wedding, engagement, and even their honeymoon photos..still on cloud nine after being introduced to each other a decade or so before.

And yes I did talk to former clients who didn't find their match through IJL and for various reasons - some met significant others through mutual friends (many of whom acknowledged they did have really good dates and loved the convenience and their experience, and would keep IJL in mind for future reference should they enter the dating scene yet again), some would tell me it was ironic I reached out to them because they had been meaning to reach out to us again, and there were some that appreciated the call but would tell me that it just didn't work out for them because they had either moved, reconciled with an ex, or had some good dates but the sparks weren't flying.

And I would have their files in front of me, asking them questions and letting them know what was new and exciting on our end.In other words, my job was one of conversation and connection.I was good at it because I was genuinely interested in taking my time to really get to know these unique individuals and discussing with them why I felt IJL would be a good fit for them and how we together as a team could strategize for them based on their expectations with regard to their dating lives.Soooooo with all this being said and the picture I just presented of how I approached my job you can see that it was more than "just a sales job" for me.No one works for a company and does well unless they believe in the company they work for and their own capabilities within that company.I knew I was good at what I did and I knew I could make an impact in people's lives...I believed in It's Just Lunch fully because I spoke to people day in and day out who had success dating through us.

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