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Application'); except on EOle Sys Error do begin Exit; end; end; E_Application := E_Excel. Screen Updating := False; case Print Mode of {プレビュー:編集可能モード} 0: E_Application. Saved := True; w Row := CNST_START_ROW; for I:=0 to Tcls Pay Calc List View(Target). Count -1 do begin with Tcls Pay Calc(Tcls Pay Calc List View(Target).

Pay Calc List.items[I]) do begin //---改ページ対応---start if w Row CNST_MAX_ROW then begin {改ページ処理} w Row := CNST_START_ROW; {シートをコピー} E_Work Sheet.

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Screen Updating := True; {印刷・プレビューモードの場合のみエクセルアプリを終了する} if (Print Mode = 1) or (Print Mode = 2) then begin E_Application.

Please Note: This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Word versions: 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003.

If you are using a later version (Word 2007 or later), this tip may not work for you.

Application Start Excel(bool as New Instance) { Excel.

Application; } catch { // XL = null; } } if (XL == null) XL = new Excel.

Visible = true; return XL; } private void Finish Excel(Excel. Current Culture = new Culture Info(0x0409, false); Thread. Current Culture = new Culture Info(saved Cult, true); Thread. NET and C# Microsoft Excel 2003 Language Reference Understanding the Excel Object Model from a . Microsoft Excel Object Model Automating Excel Using the Excel Object Model Office Development — Excel Migrating Excel VBA Solutions to Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Converting Microsoft Office VBA Macros to Visual Basic . Delphiでのエクセル帳票出力メモ。Delphiのエディタで見たら、コメント部分もいい感じで表示されますw独自フレームワークを使っているので、コピペしても動作しないのでご注意。Tcls Pay Calc List View型のPay Calc Listのリスト数分、ループして設定してるだけですけどね。unit cls Siharai Rireki; interfaceuses Comobj , Windows, Controls, Ext Ctrls, Messages, Dialogs, Classes, Sys Utils, Variants, cls Common, cls Pay Calc; procedure Excel Print(Target: TObject; Print Mode: Integer; File Name: string); const CNST_START_ROW = 4; CNST_MAX_ROW = 41; implementation {------------------------------------------------------------------------------- エクセル帳票出力-------------------------------------------------------------------------------}procedure Excel Print(Target: TObject; Print Mode: Integer; File Name: string);var I: integer; E_Excel: Variant; E_Application: Variant; E_Work Book: Variant; E_Work Sheet: Variant; E_Sheets Name: Variant; w Row: integer;begin {Excel をオープン} try E_Excel := Create Ole Object('Excel. Visible := TRUE;//FALSE; end; {XLS ファイルを指定} E_Application. Open(File Name); // XLS ファイルを指定 E_Work Book := E_Application. Active Sheet; {Work Book の内容を保存して Excel を終了する - 保存時に確認を表示しない} E_Work Book.

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