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Significantly better was her dizzy good time girl and socialite "Daphne Dutton" on the hip Warner Bros.series Surfside 6 (1960) alongside Van Williams (later TV's "Green Hornet") and beef-cake film star Troy Donahue. Diane proved popular with the teen set with her devilish débutantes and snobby sophisticates, even accompanying Bob Hope on one of his USO tours of South Vietnam in 1966/67.

Diane mcbain dating

A few plays (Amanda in "The Glass Menagerie") and lowbudget films came her way, and in the 80s she was seen a bit more on daytime soaps.

The victim of a rape attack in 1982, Diane chose to rise above her traumatic circumstances and help others as a rape counselor.

columnist Hedda Hopper reports from Arthur Cameron's dinner dance at Romanoff's: "It was evident that Diane Mc Bain and producer Hal Bartlett were crazy about each other. His lovely Latin wife sat at our table and hoped no one would notice. It looks like another divorce to me." columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports: "Dennis Stein, the clothing firm executive, has just returned to Manhattan after two months of dating Diane Mc Bain in Hollywood, and he's been contributing heavily to the AT&T since he returned.

Signed on as a Warner Brothers starlet, bouncy, blonde-coiffed Diane Mc Bain would develop a burgeoning career as lively 60s "bad girl" and "spoiled rich girl" types on film and TV.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 18, 1941, the family moved to California while still young and she started things off as a "sweet 16" model in print and commercial ads.

Eventually TV got more than just a glimpse of this diverting beauty after a WB talent agent spotted her in a Los Angeles play and signed her on during her senior year at Glendale High School.

After busily apprenticing on various TV projects, Diane made her first big splash in 1960 (age 19) with a prominent role in Ice Palace (1960) co-starring Richard Burton, Carolyn Jones and Martha Hyer.

Brimming with style and confidence, Diane was quickly ushered into other films as Warner's answer to Carroll Baker, winning parts in two consecutive soapers.

The first was Parrish (1961) with (again) Donahue and screen legend Claudette Colbert; the other was the title role in Claudelle Inglish (1961) opposite up-and-comers Chad Everett and Robert Logan.

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