Did alesha dixon dating romeo friends dating costa rica

When I want to spoil myself, I call my friend Lucy Mansell from Bury House Natural Body Wellness and Skincare [tel: 07715 9407321].

She comes round to give me and my mum massages and pedicures.

fill in the blank) - because she's pretty sure he's been cheating.

You know, just like he did to Alesha, with, um, Javine.

A spokesperson for Javine (and no, it wasn't her baby daughter Angel doing a bit of work experience) confirmed that "she has left him" but would not go into details.

However, one of those close sources who's a little looser of lip did spill the beans.

And they're nice, juicy beans, none of your supermarket own brand stuff: "She is trying to keep some dignity here.

She has a little baby and is finding it all very difficult.

I hope that one day the whole truth will come out for her.

She has left him and there's a myriad of reasons including suspicions that he cheated but we don't know who they are.

She just wants to do the best for her child." Wow, a friend of Javine's knows a word like "myriad" - we're impressed.

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