Display name in active directory not updating

Remember, your colleagues and administration will see and use the name you select, so please use your best judgment when entering a name into the Nickname field.

Login to EDE ( and scroll down to the “edu Person Nickname” field.

Enter your preferred name or names separated by spaces (please do not use commas).

After the updates take effect, when you revisit the AD Display Name change webpage, you’ll see the additional nicknames as valid choices.

This page describes how to change your display name in Active Directory.

This change will appear in any service that uses the campus Active Directory for authentication, including Unified Communications, Exchange email and calendaring, Lync instant messaging, the Illinois wiki, and more.

Active Directory uses the information in the Electronic Directory Editor (EDE) to create a display name for you.

If you want to change the name displayed, you may need to make changes both to EDE and to the Active Directory's Name Change tool.

If your name in EDE is John Quincy Doe, Active Directory will automatically set your display name to "Doe, John Q".

However, the Name Change tool will let you select from four options built around combinations of your name(s), initial(s), and any nicknames you've entered in EDE.

If John Quincy Doe hasn't entered a nickname in EDE, his Active Directory name change tool will give him four options: Name change webpage.

You’ll see the additional nicknames as valid choices.

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