Dlinkddns not updating

I recently bought a DIR-868L and have set up a new Dynamic DNS host name on After entering the details on the Dynamic DNS page (under Tools) the status just says "Disconnected". I've checked several times and I believe I've entered the correct host name, username and password. Also I've configured the 868L as an access point (ie.

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I could restart my modem, get a new ip and my ip would be updated to dlink just fine so it would follow me around.

Just been mucking around with it as it's not working and it seems my ip address isn't being updated.

So I manually updated my ip through the dlink site and I can now type in 'blahblah.dlinkddns.com' and it's working. Is the dlink site just dodgy and not updating my info properly or would it be a router problem.

The only thing I really touch on my router is port forwarding so I don't think I broke anything in there. I seem to only have a few available servers in the pre-definded list that I can use.

EDIT: I lie, since I first had it working right until now, I have a new modem from optus. Use Dyn Dns and install the client utility on your PC.

Routers in general are notorious for DYNDNS problems as they use outdated client software.

I know that using the router is a quicker setup but using the client on a designated PC on your network (behind router) is the better option.

Main reason for needing it is because I run torrents on a spare machine which runs Free NAS.

Brother has low monthly quota so he can queue anything up on this spare machine.

So software to update my IP would be a problem on there since its Free BSD.

But just found Free NAS will update it for you once you put in your details.

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