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ALL of this stuff was second nature to me before I learned EXACTLY HOW bad boys handle these situations and WHY IT WORKS MUCH BETTER than the way nice guys handle them.I didn’t have a way to compare nice guy and bad boy behavior around the women they like.Most women will NEVER tell you this but: ✔ Every bone in her body HATES IT when you are too nice to her.

✔ She’s disappointed, angry, frustrated, and ANNOYED by your niceness and everything inside of her WISHES that you would just STOP BEING SO NICE AND BE REAL WITH HER.

✔ And the worst part is SHE CAN’T CONTROL HOW SHE FEELS about it.

✔ She can’t “turn it off”, make an exception, and decide to be attracted to you!

How often do you worry about making HER happy before you make yourself happy?

How often do you care too much about what she thinks so she’ll like you and think you’re a great guy?

How often do you think it’s very important to compliment her and make her feel extra special?How often are you afraid to say what’s REALLY on your mind because you’re afraid she might get upset and quit liking you?How often do you put her first in your life so she’ll know how much you like her?How often do you think it’s really important to take her out to a fancy and romantic dinner so she’ll think you’re a great guy?How often do you think it’s important to get her permission before you touch her, hold her hand, or kiss her?If you struggle with women, your friendships and relationships with them constantly go down the drain, and you can’t quite figure out what’s wrong, then you probably do stuff like this ALL THE TIME!

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