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Chandler: You’re not gonna die an old maid, maybe an old spinster cook. Chandler: Hey now besides, if worst comes to worst, I’ll be your boyfriend.

Hey, oh-hey.” Monica: Well I’d probably be scared of a guy using a fake voice.

I show up at your door, and I’m like (in a fake voice) “ Hey, nice to meet, ya.

(hits him on the arm) Chandler: Okay, so we’ve established my name, and hit me. (Phoebe drives up.) Chandler, Monica, and Joey: Hey!!

First, I find this woman who knew my parents, and then my client with the fuzzy back gives me his beach house.

It has umm, three beautiful bedrooms and ah, no baths.

[Scene: Central Perk, everyone except Phoebe is there.

Bonnie is telling them of her sex-capades.] Chandler: (to Bonnie) So ah, your first sexual experience was with a woman?! [cut to Rachel and Monica at the counter.] Rachel: (to Monica) I mean is that woman capable of talking about anything else but sex? Well y'know, earlier she was talking about geography.

Bonnie: All right, I was 15, it was my best friend, Ruth, and we got drunk on that hard cider, and then suddenly, I don’t know, we were, we were making out. Monica: Joey, she was listing the countries she’s done it in.

(She hands Chandler a picture) That’s my Mom’s writing! Chandler: (reading the back of the picture) Me and Frank and Phoebe, Graduation 1965. According to her high school yearbook, they were like B.

Phoebe: No-no, that’s not, that’s not me Phoebe, that’s her pal Phoebe. (Ross and Bonnie look at her quizzically) Best Friends Forever.

So I looked her up, and she lives out by the beach.

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