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Walking into a café, bar or party, my mind often buzzes with questions about myself. ”If a man tells you something that’s true for him, but you don’t want to believe it, and you continue to move ahead with that relationship, you are likely to get hurt. It’s so easy to think you’re the only one who is nervous, but it’s not true. He always wants to spend time with me.”Since relationship is of the utmost importance to me, I’ve changed my mind in the past when I said I wanted to be single and an amazing man came along. While there may be something between the lines, definitely read the lines!

The men I coached today told me the same thing happens for them! One fear I often hear from women is – But if he saw that part of me, he wouldn’t want me. So, rather than having your attention on hiding parts of you, be proud of who you are. I acted laid back and was afraid a man would run away if he saw the Type A side of my personality.

When you remember that men are human too, you can stop trying to hide your emotions and your nervousness. In fact, I’ve often seen men fall in love with women because of them.

Knowing this helps you stop putting men on pedestals.

There is a little boy inside every man, just as there is a little girl inside every woman, who has been hurt, disappointed, misunderstood and unseen.

If a man tells you he’s not ready for relationship, believe him! It can feel a bit contrived at first, but you can do this authentically. You may have to dig a bit if you’re used to complaining or seeing the negative.

Take care of yourself and don’t give your heart to a man who doesn’t want what you want! Start appreciating, out loud, what a man does for you, gives you, says to you, or even gives up for you. But I guarantee that appreciating a man (and you can do this from the very first time you meet) will have him feel inspired to be around you! Men have a deep desire to know they’re useful and needed.

There is an art to inspiring a man to commit to you, but you have to start from honoring his truth, rather than disregarding it and hoping it will change! Men thrive on appreciation and wilt without it When I appreciate men, I watch them light up. If I go too long without appreciating my man, he feels unseen. So let men know how much you appreciate the time and energy he put into what he did for you or gave you, even if it’s not to your satisfaction!

If you want it to be different, ask for that after, remembering to convey your gratitude, rather than disgust or frustration.

Okay, I said I’d give 3, but it’s hard to stop when there are about 20 more! Men love variety A man I know told me a story about a woman he was dating with bright red hair. When he asked her why she did it, she said, “I saw you looking at women with black hair!

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