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There are already a number of references to it on the site and you can find them with the new improved Search feature.I made a start collecting some of the material together for an article in Kwana newspaper.In it, I wrote: My informant Gerald Buttigieg has contributed a wealth of information on Durban in the 1950w and 1960s including the birth of Rock and Roll music in the city.

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The next development was the opening of venues at a number of hotels which became generally known as Cookie Looks, named after the first one which opened at Claridges.

He wrote: “Cookie Look, if I remember, was started at the Claridges Hotel on the Beachfront.

What the Hotel had done was set aside an area on the ground floor near the foyer which became the Cookie Look venue. Being licensed premises, you were supposed to be over 18 to gain entry.

A local rock band was hired to play for the period 5 p.m. The band played all the current popular rock tunes and a dance area was provided.

As drinks were served, the hotel was set to make a profit.

“Possibly the four most popular "Cookie Look" venues in Durban were at Claridges, the Londsdale Hotel's Bull Ring, the Al Fresco (Esplanade Hotel on the Victoria Embankment) and the Macabre at the Butterworth Hotel (Soldiers Way).The Al Fresco was very popular on a Friday night, being central in town and as an after work venue, also operating 5 to 7pm, after which it converted to a restaurant.The bands I remember playing there were Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans, Dunny and the Showmen and The Diamonds.” I was looking on the Internet for more information when I came across the SA Rock Encyclopaedia (za) which has a picture of the record Cookie Look Time at Claridges, by Harold Roy and his Rascals, which featured June Dyer.Another singer to have appeared at the venue was Mercia Love. On a related subject, my informant Rose Enstrom remembers when Elvis Presley mania hit town: “The most momentous occasion was the night that the Elvis Presley movie "Jailhouse Rock" was premiered at midnight.The queues were miles long and, in fact, we probably would have had no chance of getting in if Aubrey had not pushed and shoved along with all the others to secure tickets.When he eventually emerged from the crowd, his shirt had been torn and his tie was almost strangling him.

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