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In that way too, although it confusing, it was nice too because you did get to know big chunks of the season. You knew more fully where the longer story arc was going. I am going to take all those years of biting my tongue and it’s all going to come out! No really, It is going to be like Christmas morning. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, and talked to the people here about making that possibility a reality. I’ve been shadowing directors here for the past couple of seasons and seeing that side of it. Adam Copeland has been a great addition to our show, not to mention all the guest stars, Richard and John and everybody. So if it was based purely on chemistry and how everyone gets along then it wouldn’t be an issue.

We haven’t had that advantage as much in previous seasons. I don’t know why, but I keep asking “So what are you doing in Director Land today? Everyone has made it work out for me, and it’s coming soon. But because it’s based on numbers and ratings and all of that stuff … Is this the end, or just the beginning to a different chapter?

On this season’s end game and Lucas’ directorial debut Emily Rose: Currently Lucas knows more than I do because he’s getting ready to shoot his directorial debut in this second half of the season. We’re going to get right into it when we come back from hiatus. Specifically, I’m not going to tell you who it’s between but I will tell you there is steam. There is residual steam that comes from that heat exchange. well it will be interesting to see how the fans turn out for these next couple of seasons and see how the Network responds to those numbers. Technically, like every show it just depends on the audience. Lucas Bryant: Somehow they keep coming up with totally off the wall stuff.

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Would Audrey forgive Nathan if he made pancakes with Mara? One of them effects our dear friend Eric Balfour’s character Duke Crocker.

That’s earlier on, and is really really funny in my opinion.

Then another one effects everyone in the town, and I can’t really be specific about that but it’s pretty pretty funny.

The season ahead is set to pick up straight after the events of the season 4 cliffhanger which saw Nathan (Lucas Bryant), Duke (Eric Balfour) and Audrey (Emily Rose) finally banishing destructive Troublemaker William (Colin Ferguson) from their lives, albeit at a terrible cost. sat down yesterday with Emily and Lucas to talk about what’s to come. Nathan is desperate to see Audrey – the real Audrey – again. I can’t really tell you all the things that Mara is capable of, but she is a force. It’s always fun when you take these normal relationships and then you mix them up. I didn’t know from that one last sentence they gave me in the cave last year that Mara was going to be such a big main character of this year. And hopefully we’ll get to see some of that “suckerness” pay off by the end of the season. It’s about getting him some more Audrey Parker [laughing]. Lucas Bryant: If Nathan We had some time-travel in Haven. Supernatural on the CW is now entering its tenth season. Lucas Bryant: When I first got up here and got into the Bronco, I said “You know, after season 8 I’m buying this thing.” and everyone started laughing and shook their heads like that was a completely ridiculous thought. By the end of this season, we’ll have the equivalent of six seasons worth of material out there. We’re very lucky and blessed to have been supported this long.

What fresh drama will she bring to Nathan’s doorstep and what is this strange new Trouble that’s supernaturally silencing the town’s denizens? Lucas Bryant: For Nathan this [season] is a nightmare. So to play someone who is on top of things, so to speak and has sheer joy and delight in how she relates to everyone around her was a real pleasure. However there are definitely moments in this season where she made me really uncomfortable. It’s sometimes frustrating his undying kind of bang your head against the wall devotion to her, but I think that’s also one of his most noble traits.

How is her latest incarnation, Mara, going to stir things up in Haven this season? It was a really pleasant surprise and really enjoyable and a cool challenge. On the structure of the new season (13 episodes in 2014 and another 13 in 2015 with smaller stories played out in 2 episode blocks rather than 1) Lucas Bryant: We knew coming into this season that we would be shooting double episode blocks. Emily Rose: The writers have said that they know the final frame of the season. Is there any period in history you’d like to visit or revisit? I would be honored to be able to go for double digits. To be honest and frank with everyone, it’s really the fans who determine that for us 100%.

Lucas Bryant: First of all, Emily Rose who’s sitting next to me – Emily Rose: Don’t embarrass me, Lucas! What can we expect to see from Mara’s interactions with Nathan, and will we see ‘Real Audrey’ again any time soon? Instead of having to deal with the Troubles so quickly and succinctly every week we had more time to explore the effects that those troubles have on our characters. As far as what we’re going to get at the end of the season? They know the end of it, but they haven’t told us ever what that is. Emily Rose: I’ve always wanted to do the eighteen hundreds! I don’t have a specific time I’d like to visit but any time we’ve done time travel, like that 1955 episode or that episode last year with Haven in an alternate reality, any time we travel outside of what we’ve come to know as Haven, those episodes have been my favorites to preform in and watch. We’re a cable show and all of our contracts have expiration dates on them. Do our characters have the chemistry to continue on?

Lucas Bryant: [Laughing] – is this season, exceptionally so in the role of Mara. That format [A 13 episode arc followed by a second 13 episode arc] gave us longer-format storytelling. The writers are always very reluctant to give us any of that information, but if you want to get any spoilers, Lucas knows the most. Lucas Bryant: Emily says it’s gonna be like Christmas morning? I’ve always wanted to do a Western with petticoats and horses. I actually think that’s something that our show have.

It’s been a total treat to watch her, except for the fact she kicks my ass all over the town. Emily Rose: It was nice to take a breather and not necessarily have everything wrap up so quickly, but it did get very confusing in the preparation of it because you have two episodes in your head that you’re currently shooting while you’re prepping for the next two coming up. She doesn’t even have a clue what I have in store for her! With our friendships and ability to work together in crazy conditions for so long, I have no doubt that if it relied purely on chemistry and relationships it would happen.

Lucas Bryant: Any time that Audrey is used as bait or hope for Nathan he is a sucker, It’s true.

I think there’s a strong pull for viewers wanting to see her again.

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