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Her best friend is a guy, Billy Nutter (Nicholas Roux), who helps her survive continuing derision from the mean girls, mainly Lulu Pope (Megan Tandy).Jane lives with her older brother Ben (David Rogers), because their parents died and they’re trying to keep their lives together.

One of Jane's first acquaintances at her new job is the hottest guy in the place, senior designer Jeremy Jones (Rowly Dennis), and hey girl, he’s interested, too.

This complicates Jane’s long-standing crush on a hunky guy back in high school.

Oh, and did we mention Billy has secretly been dating Jane’s nemesis, Lulu? No one at the fashion house knows Jane is still in high school, for instance, and no one at school knows about the Gray deal.

At the end of “The Devil Wears Prada,” Anne Hathaway’s Andrea Sachs confirms her liberation from tyrannical fashion queen Miranda Priestly by tossing her cell phone into a fountain when she sees Miranda is calling.

If some other eager young woman fished the phone out of the water and answered the call, the result would be “Jane By Design.” ABC Family has crafted a fashion-based soap from “Prada,” borrowing most of the “Prada” characters as well as its central premise and general sense of good, devilish fun.

There are worse ideas, and “Jane by Design” has the potential to be an amusing and endearing show — thanks largely to the performance of Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby, the smart and plucky star who steps into the Anne Hathaway role.

Jane thinks she's applying for a low-level position at a high-fashion house.

Thanks to a misunderstanding, she gets hired as executive assistant to Gray Chandler Murray (Andie Mac Dowell), who is suspiciously reminiscent of Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly.

But that’s okay, because Miranda herself was suspiciously reminiscent of Anna Wintour, the real-life fashion magazine tyrant who inspired Lauren Weisberger’s original 2003 novel, “The Devil Wears Prada.” In a sense, then, what we have with “Jane by Design” is Hollywood's version of “Telephone.” Because “Jane” is aimed at ABC Family's teen-girl audience, though, it makes a few changes.

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