Excel 2016 cells formulas not updating dating most online popular services

In this case it’s a list of products that our fictitious company sells: Usually lists like this have some sort of unique identifier for each item in the list.

Well, you get to decide this when you’re creating the formula.

If all you need is one piece of information from the database, it would be a lot of trouble to go to to construct a formula with a VLOOKUP function in it.

Typically you would use this sort of functionality in a reusable spreadsheet, such as a template.

Each time someone enters a valid item code, the system would retrieve all the necessary information about the corresponding item.

Let’s create an example of this: An that we can reuse over and over in our fictitious company.

First we start Excel, and we create ourselves a blank invoice: This is how it’s going to work: The person using the invoice template will fill in a series of item codes in column “A”, and the system will retrieve each item’s description and price from our product database.

That information will be used to calculate the line total for each item (assuming we enter a valid quantity).

For the purposes of keeping this example simple, we will locate the product database on a separate sheet in the same workbook: In reality, it’s more likely that the product database would be located in a separate workbook.

It makes little difference to the VLOOKUP function, which doesn’t really care if the database is located on the same sheet, a different sheet, or a completely different workbook.

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