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t searched until the method wraps back around to this cell. Screen Updating = True Msg Box "The workbook " & My WB & " could not be found in the path" & vb Cr Lf & My Path & "." Exit Sub 'Common error #2: the specified text wasn't in the target workbook.

If you do no specify this argument, the search starts after the cell in the upper-left corner of the range. Screen Updating = True Exit Sub 'Error Handling section. Number 'Common error #1: file path or workbook name is wrong.

Used only if you have selected or installed double-byte language support. Auto Fit End With 'Close the data workbook, without saving any changes, and turn screen updating back on.

True to have double-byte characters match only double-byte characters.

False to have double-byte characters match their single-byte equivalents. If you do not specify values for these arguments the next time you call the method, the saved values are used.

Setting these arguments changes the settings in the dialog box changes the saved values that are used if you omit the arguments.

To avoid problems, set these arguments explicitly each time you use this method.

You can use the Find Next and Find Previous methods to repeat the search.

When the search reaches the end of the specified search range, it wraps around to the beginning of the range.

To stop a search when this wraparound occurs, save the address of the first found cell, and then test each successive found-cell address against this saved address.

To find cells that match more complicated patterns, use a statement with the Like operator. s 2,500 Excel VBA Examples This example takes a path and name of a workbook and a search term, and searches the specified workbook for the search term.

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