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Women are constantly shown caressing various parts of their anatomy and being “victims” to male stares and advances, but when men are treated as “victims” or the same treatment usually reserved for women, it’s shocking and garners attention. Nobody stops to think about how something like this is actually detrimental to male body image. That’s because most feminists fight to eradicate all of the above beliefs for women. And more to the point, men fight against the same demons women do.

3.) It often thought of as a “completely new idea” that men can be shown in music videos (which, let’s face facts, have become less about artistic expression and more about selling a song on i Tunes) or advertisements as nothing more than sexual slaves to their female counterparts. Substitute the female gender pronouns above and you’ll see what women have been fighting against for years. Any kind of objectification hurts men just as much as female objectification hurts women.

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After all, Robin Thicke can get away with creating an explicitly sexist video for “Blurred Lines” featuring almost completely nude women in a song that glorifies rape and promotes rape culture (which is a subject for a whole other blog post I plan on writing soon) …

The real problem is that the objectification of men has been going for a long time and has created unhealthy images for young men, just as the constant objectification of women has done for young girls.

The difference is that men are taught not to fight against these depictions because they’re heteronormative.

On March 13th, 2004, Jennifer Lopez released a music video for her new single “I Luh Ya Papi,” a bouncy new hip-hop infused jam to twerk to in front of the bedroom mirror.

It was immediately promoted on social media and reigned down on the blogosphere as a refreshing twist on the usual “Let’s Objectify Women! In fact, that’s the whole premise of the video: A “record label executive” is sitting with Ms.

” mantra mainstream hip hop/pop music videos usually employ. Lopez and her gaggle of colorful girlfriends, presenting her with treatments for the video. ), so her friends clearly point out that, if she were a “dude,” this conversation wouldn’t happen; if she were a male singer, she would be in control, surrounded by a bunch of naked women, effectively selling objectification to the viewer. It’s a well-touted fact in every aspect of popular culture and mass media that sex appeal, sexuality, and the actual act of sex is used to sell pretty much anything, from actual products to media exposure.All of his ideas are, of course, terrible (a water park? The problems are two-fold: 1.) female objectification is considered the “norm.” 2.) When it comes to male objectification, it’s shocking. 1.) As a culture, we’re easily offended when men are objectified.It’s commonplace for women to be seen as sexual objects, but not men.Men are strong, they are providers, alphas; the dominat.So for a man to be seen as a sexual object is degrading to the idea of manhood itself.2.) When men are objectified, the media exposure of said objectification skyrockets because, again, it’s uncommon for it to be so high-profiled. 4.) It glorifies a unique ideal about the male physique that is unattainable for most of the male population.

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