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Men have to do the same, so learning balance in your intimate relationships is very important. You can’t be on every scene, take every trip and partake in every turn up with your friends. Ones that are a soup of married and […]Let’s congratulate Keith Campbell and Donisha Reed on qualifying for the ,000 Grandprize as September 2016 Couple Of The Month on Real Black

Unfortunately, that opportunity didn’t come again until 2+ years later.

She brought her mother, sister and son to church and I didn’t waste the opportunity to introduce myself.

Our First Date: I invited Donisha out for dinner, restaurant of her choice and she chose a place known for it’s barbeque. He was a perfect gentlemen and he also was very expressive, […]Are you Tired of Dating?

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We all have other relationships to handle with multiple people on a daily basis in order to maintain our lives.

It doesn’t take multiple text messages or long daily conversations.

Now, all of this that we love to do doesn’t take 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We like to plan, we like to grow, we love to succeed.

The woman period has to juggle relationships with teachers, co-workers, grocery store clerk, property manager, supervisor, coach, after school teacher, parents, handyman you get it!

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