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The password is strong so that it cannot be easily guessed by someone else.You may change your username one time to something you prefer, and you may of course reset your password as many times as you like. We strongly recommend that you personalize your username.If your username was assigned to you automatically when you first registered (for example, cowgirl123456 or farmer987654, etc) then you can customize your username.

To do so: You may change/reset your password as many times as you wish.

Under our terms and conditions, you must provide us with a valid email address in order to use Farmers

If you do not do so, your account may be suspended. Please open a ticket if you are still having problems by going to: There may be a number of reasons why you are not receiving emails from us.

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I am also in to exercise in a big way and I enjoy it, it would be nice to have someone to share this with.

You will see a link for “Forgot your username or password?

” When you enter your email address you will receive an email.

The email will include your username, a link to reset your password, and a link you can use to log in quickly by simply clicking on it.

We make registration easier and faster for you by automatically generating a username and password for you and sending both ti the email address you registered with Farmers Only.

The username will begin with a word such as farmer, cowboy and cowgirl followed by a series of unique numbers.

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