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See full summary » Stories about real-life international zoo vet David Taylor (in the TV programmes, he was called Donald Turner) from his early days as a newly-qualified vet in the 1950s to his international standing in the 1970s; each series of the programme was set in a different decade.David Taylor (the vet who the series was based on) appears "hidden" in every episode.

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See more » I remember this show being advertised on the Arts and Entertainment channel in the early 80s as being from the producer of All Creatures Great and Small, and though it was a bit more contemporary, it certainly had similarities with that classic series.

Both shows had a main protagonist who was a young, practicing vet who learns that the job entails more than he learned in school.

In this series , it starts out that this young vet takes the job as a zoo vet out of necessity, with every intention of eventually becoming a regular dog and cat vet, but soon becomes fascinated by all the exotic animals, and eventually becomes a sought-out expert on the subject....other thing I remember is that the vet was sort of a lovelorn sad sack, when not treating the animals....about ten episodes were shown on A&E....I never saw the change in decades the synopsis refers to....

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