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Some landlords will allow a dog and many more will allow a cat, but the problem may come when you have to move and the next landlord has a ‘No Pets’ clause in his agreement. It must be realised that the responsibility for the welfare of that pet lies with the parents - usually mother!

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The best way for a child to learn about the care animals need is by example, but in order to set that example, parents themselves have to want the pets as part of their family and enjoy caring for them.

Children who observe their parents feeding the cat, walking the dog, going to the vet and so on, will grow up accepting that this is all part of normal family life - caring for each other.

In fact, it is the same care that they themselves receive from their parents.

Please pay a visit to your local SPCA if you are thinking of getting a pet, and meet some of the many lonely animals needing loving homes.

An SPCA animal will always come desexed, microchipped, vet-checked, flea-treated and wormed.

Read on for some things to consider if you are thinking about getting a pet for the first time.

For those of us who from childhood have shared hearth and home with a variety of pets it is hard to imagine any other way of life, but in fact there are many people who reach maturity without having any real contact with an animal of any kind.

Experiencing your first pet can be a rewarding experience or a major disaster! Pets such as dogs and cats bring in mud and leave hairs on the carpets and furniture.

Animals make extra work, cost money and are an ongoing responsibility for 365 days a year. Young animals need housetraining, while birds spill their seed all over the place.

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