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I have never written a story for this or any other site before, but I wanted to share to someone what I have been involved with over the past few months. I had a friend, my best friend in fact, get married to a guy (Adam) that I had not known... I have felt neglected often times although he's there. but I have done something horrible I have cheated on my husband who I love so much.

His job is extremely demanding and stress filled and often times he... For some reason recently I have felt like I didn't know what I wanted. The funny part is he thinks he is the "man" and I am some poor helpless woman at home that "needs" him. The first time I got married, I was young and stupid and it lasted almost 2 years before we split up. My first one I only kissed and engaged in gentle 'petting', I never even felt his penis.

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I clean, do the laundry and take the kids to school. I admit I could manage the household and the two fraternal twin daughters that we had, and I could handle the money better than him. We've been screwing for weeks, but this time, it's different. He has always denied it but tells me he has sexually...

Socially, I was sophisticated -- more than he was... He literally just left like 20 minutes ago after ******* me for 3 hours..

If you dont know whats going on read my other stories.

P.-led House was close to reaching a compromise on immigration — one that might have neutralized the issue for this election.

.have been together for 8 yrs, got married 1 year ago. I had been married for just over five months but I knew after the first week, we'd made a mistake and I didn't want to be married.

Actually he always says that i made him divorce from his partner and mother of his children. Actually, I had tried to call it off the week before our wedding but my mother...

I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my high school friends.

I just love that he just wants my body and vice versa. I love it, it makes m feel alive, gives me a distractions, and all those good hormones...

It with a coworker that I don't have any emotional attachment to.

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