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Despite the freedom this provides from watchful parental eyes, the benefits far outweigh the chances for misuse, even though the latter will happen—especially with phones that have internet access, built-in cameras and other multimedia services. Sooner or later, your child will receive unsolicited text messages that can open the door for harassment by strangers or even acquaintances.With internet-ready phones, they will stumble across undesirable web sites, and get involved in inappropriate conversations.Gigglingly, they may even e-mail embarrassing photos of themselves to friends. Out of thoughtlessness, amusement or spite, others may then post such images on the web, along with fabricated or real profiles and diary musings. For a start, get to know your child's online friends, and ask to see your child's profile page on My Space, Facebook, Xanga or wherever they spend time online.

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Above all, make sure they understand they should never meet anyone in real life they've met online without a parent being present.

In her book “A Parent's Guide to the Internet”, Parry Aftab notes that the prime targets for paedophiles are kids who are new to chat rooms, message boards or online communities; appear to be loners or emotionally unstable; and complain about having problems at home.

Four out of five of the targets of online harassers and cyber-stalkers are young girls. But media hype has led many parents to believe there are more sexual predators in cyberspace than in their own back yards.

THE wireless network at Mayhem Manor spreads from the router in the workroom to the living area of the one-storey hillside dwelling, but not as far as the bedrooms. Your correspondent has often been tempted to upgrade his Wi Fi router with the latest 802.11n technology—as much for the increased range as for the four-fold boost in speed.

Being eight time-zones behind many of his colleagues, he often checks e-mail in the middle of the night.

His trusty little Hewlett-Packard palmtop computer, with its Cisco wireless card, would slip easily under the pillow.

But he's resisted boosting Mayhem Manor's wireless signal for several reasons.

First, while it would quicken transfers between computers in the house, the internet connection would be no faster.

Its speed is governed by the pathetic dribble of a broadband connection that's 15,000 feet from the nearest telephone exchange in the village below.

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