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To the ancient Egyptians, the most attractive women tended to be the fertile ones.

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What was a beautiful, fertile woman to most ancient Egyptian men?

In the Papyrus of Chester Beatty I, the writer is explicit, mentioning her beloved scent, her hair, her eyes and her buttocks.

From the same papyrus, another romantic poem describes the object of his affection as being ""bright" of skin, her arm "more brilliant than gold," long-necked and "white-breasted," hair of "genuine lapis lazuli," (blue? It also mentions her beautiful thighs and heavy buttocks.

"If I am not beside you, where will set your desire?

If you do not embrace me and seize the moment, then whom will you embrace for your pleasure?

But if you woo me to touch my breasts and my thighs..."Did you ever wonder about the old folk and erotic sex?

No, I'm not talking about the cavortings of Grandma and Grandpa or the increased activity of seniors thanks to Viagra.

I'm talking about really old folk -- the ancient Egyptians.

Sexuality in ancient Egypt was open and untainted by guilt.

Sex was an important part of their lives - from birth to death and rebirth.

In this ancient world, singles and married couples made love.

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