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Here's alittle history I dug up for ya French Alpines In 1922, Dr. One of the imported does, owned by Mary Rock, lived until December 1933. All purebred Alpines in the United States descend from this importation.

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Fairbanks, Frenchman Joseph Crepin (author of La Chevre in 1918), and others imported the first documented group of French Alpines; 18 does and 3 bucks.

In 1942 Corl Leach, longtime editor of the Dairy Goat Journal describes French Alpines; "Color varies greatly and ranges from pure white through various shades and tones of fawn, gray, piebald, and brown to black." There was not a single doe of the Cou Blanc variety in the 1922 importation.

In France there was no breed recognized separately as "French Alpine". Delangle and the French considered all Swiss type goats of the "Alpine race".

In France, Alpines are called "Alpine polychrome" meaning of many colors.

One of the great things about raising Alpines is the anticipation of the color markings of each new kid. Delangle's herd name was "Alpine Goat Dairy" but it was short lived.

He was in poor health and had conflicts with a number of goat breeders including the Board of Directors of the American Milk Goat Record Association (AMGRA). He sold and gave away his herd thereafter and the rest of his history is also a mystery.American Alpines American Alpines are an American original.This breed is the result of crossbreeding with French or American Alpines.This program has brought in genetics from several breeds as explained above and gives the American Alpine one of the largest genetic pools of any goat breed in America.The results have been dramatic with American Alpines setting production records, winning at shows and being a generally larger stronger animal than the original French version. Alpine does make excellent milkers for both home and commercial dairies. They have the ability to milk through, meaning that they can produce over a period of one to three years between freshenings.American Alpines represent the success of hybrid vigor. This produces valuable year round milk and reduces breeding costs.

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