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Wally: My new cubicle is the nearest one to the office thermostat.

That makes me the de facto ruler of the indoor climate. Wally: I'll start by freezing all the skinny women who laughed at me!

Wally: You should move the agile programmers to building six because it has poor earthquake protection.

they can jump out of the way if stuff starts falling. Wally: Can I have one of their cubicles near a window?

CEO: The good news is that none of you will lose your jobs to robots. I'll retire with an enormous severance package and live out my days in splendor.

Meanwhile, the robot that takes my job will be working all of you to death.

Robots are natural leaders because they don't care about your feelings.

You will experience mental and physical misery on a scale the world hasn't seen since slavery was legal.

But hey, it's better than losing your job to a robot.

Even after 11 years, everybody still talks about you like you are still around.

Every now and then, I still encounter total strangers who said they knew who I am. They knew me because you were their mentor, in business and in life, and that you had such big influence in their lives.

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