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Charles Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte had returned after the 1848 revolution to become President of the Republic.

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Since the late 19th century, however, GBD has been a London firm specializing in fine briar pipes that have come to typify the best in traditional English pipe making.

Perennially popular and desired by smokers and collectors, the name GBD assures the highest quality workmanship, attention to detail, and a pleasurable smoking experience.

Payless Pipes is pleased to offer these great pipes to our customers at a very fair price.

The company was founded in Paris, France in the 19th century by Ganeval, Boundier and Donninger who were no longer associated with the company by the turn of the century.

By the time they left, the GBD name was well established and thus retained.

In 1903 an additional factory was built in England and ran by Oppenheimer. Since 1981 the majority of GBD pipes come from the English factory.

At about that same time GBD merged with Comoys, since then all production for both GBD and Comoy comes from a single factory.

Each has its own personality and appeal due to the great variety of shapes and finishes pefected over the years. GBD Pipes - A number of pipe brands owe their introduction and continuation to craftsmen who gave the family name to their product and were followed for several generations by their descendants. The founders did give their names, but the family was a partnership of men of similar skills and equal purpose of mind.

They created a brand which was strong enough to generate its own momentum.

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