Google spreadsheet formula not updating

Simple I want to add new entry at the bottom how can I achieve this Please help. Mufaddal Develper53 Hello Michael Simpson, Thanks for the reply. I want to add new entry at the bottom because when I add my Comments for each entry and when I add new entry old record moves down and new record at row one so the comment of last added entry will be shown beside the new entry and so on.

google spreadsheet formula not updating-15

function) that manipulates and interprets the data.

My problem is that whenever I personally modify the referenced workbook, the referencing workbook updates just fine, but whenever the external application modifies it, it does not get updated.

I have tried editing the "Spreadsheet settings" so that recalculation is done every minute and on every change.

Furthermore, I have also installed an extension in Google Chrome that auto-refreshes the page every hour.

However, the data does not get re-imported from the referenced workbook.

Even if I copy the formula into a new cell, the data is still not re-imported.Is there anything that I can do to the referencing workbook to trigger Google Sheets to re-import the data?Edit: Just to be clear, I currently have one workbook with data entered by an external application in it (call it the "source sheet"), and another workbook with an function in the "referencing sheet" does not include any data entered by the external application since I last personally edited the "source sheet".Also, both workbooks are using the new Google Sheets.Edit: Also, this question is not the same as How do I link a cell in Google Spreadsheets to a cell in another document?because I am using the function given as the solution to that question to import data from a spreadsheet.

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