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After seeing this photo shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth I decided to put together a post on Natalie Portman (a while back now, I wanted to get it finished so I could start on others but it kept expanding, I was especially surprised to see her pictured with a Rothschild) focusing mainly on her debut role in 'Leon' and 'V for Vendetta'.

Also from the same shoot with Ellen, some more suggestive scenes with the 'Shhh' hand sign (she is holding onto a radio aerial [phallic symbolism probably, along with the finger raised to lips]; which I'd imagine has something to do with radio waves use in MK, or a metaphorical changing the frequency 'changes the station' symbolizing triggering different alters, each station representing a different alter requiring the correct 'frequency'/code/trigger to access it) and the ; the phrase is specifically mentioned numerous times in Illuminati Formula), a doctor specializing in fertility and reproduction (Natalie and her mother Shelley Stevens were born on exactly the same day June 9th [69], on Shelley's 29th birthday; which seems like something a fertility doctor could organize with little problem for whatever purpose [ritual or otherwise]) pictured below with Natalie at the "Second Annual Foundation Benefit" (see context further down).

Much of Project Monarch's mind control/genetic research was advanced by Mengele and other Nazi programmer's in concentration camps like (in particular) Auschwitz; I suspect the Hershlag's generational Monarch programming began there where her paternal grandparents died.

Also evidence of the Hershlag's programming is that in World War II her Romanian born great-grandmother was a [Israel rant warning; the ADL gestapo might want to avert their eyes!

But the ADL should be aware that they are failing, people everywhere over the past few years have been realizing just what Israel is and what it has always been.]I was not really sure how to address the Israeli issue in this post (I rewrote this bit a few times; I've made my feelings on Israel pretty clear in posts like this so I'm not sure if it's even worth getting in to, this has very little to do with Natalie being Jewish anyway; anyone who has been reading my blog knows I'd be writing this stuff whatever religion or race she is.

I think it is fair to say that there are just as many, if not more Orthodox Rabbi child abusers as there are Catholic Priest child abusers, a subject brought up recently in the media).

Israel is obviously an extremely touchy subject as most people lack the common sense to see that Zionism is a racist philosophy with ethnic cleansing at it's core (I am not an anti-semite, though I am anti-religion in general and circumcision isn't a particularly pleasant practice and is extremely traumatic for the baby and must cause some kind of psychological damage [anyone had any flashbacks of a creepy looking old bearded dude standing over you with the end of your penis in a clamp about to be cut off?

] though they argue they are too young for it to cause long lasting damage and I know lots of people who have had it done who talk about the supposed "health and other benefits" so it isn't really a major issue, obviously an adult is perfectly free to choose to have one done for medical or whatever reason, but a baby has no choice so I view it as somewhat barbaric; as far as I am concerned it is all part of religious/cult mind control [making everyone in the cult have the same genital mutilation connects the cult on an almost a trauma-bonded level]).

Anyway, Israel as a nation is of course extremely corrupt with a major human trafficking problem; it's slaughtering of Palestinians in the Zionist's pursuit to ethnically cleanse them from the land that "God gave to them" (as if that isn't insane enough!

) and America and Brita's unquestioning support for them is enough to wake anyone up (it certainly was a big part of my becoming more politically aware)!

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