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When I met Mohsin, I regarded him only as my brother's friend," says Neha.But a week after the party, Mohsin met Neha for lunch at school and asked her to be his girlfriend. "He was energetic, smart and intelligent, whereas I was more quiet and simple." Neha and Mohsin's relationship deepened.

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"This was my own flesh and blood going against me." Within one year, Neha stopped socializing with other people because it made Mohsin jealous. "We walked separately at school so that no one would notice us," says Neha.

She recalls, "I never cared that Mohsin was a Muslim until it started interfering with who I was. I would have to wear a veil, etc." Mohsin didn't want Neha to pursue graduate school or act in theatrical productions. "Still, I would get stares from Hindu people I didn't even know. I lost fifteen pounds." Neha finally broke off with Mohsin six months ago and decided to marry a Hindu.

He proposed to me and I wanted to say yes, but he wanted me to convert to Islam. It got to the point that I was too scared to step out of the house. She sighs, relieved, and says, "after what I've been through, I know that religion matters. That's only the beginning." To girls her age she suggests: "Think before you leap into an inter religious relationship.

Some of your closest friends have done it and everybody gossips about it-mixed marriages. Slowly, awkwardly, Hindu society is facing it and finding it's a lot healthier to talk about it and positively adjust to it when it happens, rather than hide it, fight it or ignore it. They were discussing the recent marriage of her cousin Rahul to a black woman. It's an issue of mixed emotions, mixed philosophies and mixed cultures. We all like to think of ourselves as liberal people and dismiss the issue of interreligious marriage by saying, "If they love each other, that's all that matters.

Visionaries laud it as the making of a multi-ethnic, golden race that will bring peace to the planet. Neha Pancholi, a 23-year-old girl from Ann Arbor, Michigan, experienced what many Hindu youth are facing in America. What religion would a child be if the parents were Hindu and Jewish respectively?

How would they react if they knew about Mohsin, her Muslim boyfriend! Imagine the children-Indian names, but they'll look black and be treated like blacks." Neha was appalled her parents were talking like this.As long as they are happy, we are happy." However, deep down inside, do we really feel that way?How does one truly feel about inter-religious relationships and marriages?Does "love make the world go 'round," or does religion, tradition and society? The computer science student at the University of Michigan, agreed to share her story with Hinduism Today on the basis of anonymity.Neha met Mohsin Ali at a party which her elder brother held four years ago. "I was always very friendly and had no reservations about race or religion.

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