How to hack dating sites

Users of online dating site Adult Friend Finder – and the various alternative sites in its network – have been left with concerns after it emerged that the database of almost 4 million records has been hacked and leaked. It’s essentially a dating website (a phenomenon that seems geared more towards men than women Users are required to sign-up and provide a username and photo to start chatting with others, and contacts can be made based on location, sexual interest, age, etc.

For those with a positive interest in sexual activities, these sites can prove useful, if you provide credit card information to pay for a subscription, you can unlock additional features.

Typical information stored by Adult Friend Finder includes your credit card details (number, expiration date, name and billing address) and things like your age, height, eye color, weight, physical attributes and even your sexual interests.

Considering the details potentially locked in this database, that price seems low.

The data itself is available to preview in redacted form on various database dump repositories, which we’re not able to link to. has only just been made aware of this potential issue and understands and fully appreciates the seriousness of the issue.

Until the investigation is completed, it will be difficult to determine with certainty the full scope of the incident, but we will continue to work vigilantly to address this potential issue and will provide updates as we learn more from our investigation.

“We cannot speculate further about this issue, but rest assured, we pledge to take the appropriate steps needed to protect our customers if they are affected.” The response also confirmed that law enforcement agencies had been contacted, and that Adult Friend Finder was working with forensics experts at They have also launched an internal investigation and disabled username search results that would return details on anyone affected by the leak.

But how did they communicate this information to their members? If you’ve read this far, there is a good chance that you have used Adult Friend Finder or one of its subordinates over the years.

Perhaps you posted a drunk nude selfie, or expressed an interest in an unusual or unfamiliar activity. However, this and all of the other information on your profile might be used against you. First, head to and run a search for your email address or the username used to sign up to Adult Friend Finder.This site has proved useful with previous breaches and is the only legitimate account checking tool.If this returns a result highlighting that breach, then keep reading.Otherwise, stroll on, although be mindful that with the data out there, other uses for it might be found (such as an “is he/she cheating on me? Second, and despite Adult Friend Finder’s protestations, you need to ensure that any credit card you had on file is cancelled.That information is now up for sale, and you don’t want to find your credit card cloned and used to purchase a toothbrush in Zagreb.While the site might claim that your credit card information has not been leaked, this is not something you can take on trust, given the circumstances. Hackers and criminal buyers of such data can use the information from an Adult Friend Finder to clone YOU, and create financial accounts in your name.

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