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Before Wrestling Xexx Spent a lot of time in a local gym, testing what he watched wrestlers on TV do, always analyzing the moves for safety before he would perform them, with him was always his friends.

At Age 14, Xexx Orchestrated the takeover of his father's Company by proving the man incapable of even thinking for himself, Soon Demone, INC.

profits began rising at a steady rate, Xexx Became a professional wrestler at age 16.

And has assisted his friends in their own business ventures.

Xexx Demone Got his start in one of the biggest Wrestling Promotions on Yahoo! World Entertainment Wrestling was controlling the wrestling world, but was soon over taken by a formerly closed powerhouse known as World Maniac Wrestling, which was going into year eight very strongly.

Xexx quickly Earned his way through the ranks of Mike 'Cage' Maxwell's Promotion, holding the WMW World title multiple times in his first year with the company, as well the last defense of the WEW World title in an off camera Match.

Xexx will always call WMW Home Becuase his greatest matches are there, his first Hell In a Cell match against a man named Tallas which saw him feeding his face with cement after he spear tallas from the Cell Roof into the third row of the audience.

And Three Classic Matches with Dark Angel (Cage's Brother) 2 for the semi-retired WMW Gothic Title, and 1 simply to show he could beat Angel, all three attempts failures but showed an excelent attempt and each proved his own improvements in the ring.

A Short stint in a fed run by the former owner of WEW, Xexx earned a Gothic title shot in his first week, went to the Pay-Per-View the following week and narrowly pulled out a victory over the 7ft 300lbs Power Man to win the Gothic Title from an indomitable Champion.

The following week Both men were impressed with the other to the extent that they each proposed a tag team to the other, only for Power Man to be released the week of their debut team match. War of Wrestling was Opened by a freind and collegue known to the world as Baby Boy.

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