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spent a few days at Vibiana, a popular restaurant and event space in downtown Los Angeles, to sit down with the dozen singers performing Thursday night to find out about their earliest musical memories, major influences and why they decided to audition for will profile the second group of 12 mid-week. Favorite Alums: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Phillip Phillips Formative Listening: Buddy Guy, B. King, John Mayer, Jason Mraz First Experience: Watching season 1Mac Kenzie Bourg's earliest memory of music is tied to a beloved character who had his own TV series. After the first go round, my brother and I were aggravated with it."We have some videos of me clanking on the piano, trying to play the theme song from But I didn't start really taking music seriously until my later high school years."Bourg can trace his deeper interest in music to a drive he took with his father and brother to Orlando when he was 12. But after the third or fourth listen, it became part of us.

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"I imagine I'm going to have a song with an electric in it and then I'll bring it on stage."Bourg wrote his first song when he was 13.

"I was in English class and we had to write a poem and I wrote a song just as a joke." But then something happened when he was 18.

"I had congestive heart failure and I was in a coma." After his recovery, he coped by composing music.

"It wasn't until then that I took songwriting seriously." Emily Brooke, 17Wellington, Fla.

Favorite Alums: Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Kellie Pickler, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Fradiani Formative Listening: Taylor Swift First Experience: Watching season 1Emily Brooke would sing Le Ann Rimes' "Blue" while sitting in her car seat as a young child and family friends told her she had a lovely voice.

"My parents thought they were just being nice," says the teenager from Florida.

At age nine, Brooke told her folks she wanted to learn how to play guitar.

She had a life-changing experience when her parents took her to a Taylor Swift concert in Miami.

"She started playing and everyone in the stadium was singing along. That's when I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life."Also at age nine, Brooke and her family visited Nashville for the first time.

"I told my parents I wanted to move there, that I needed to be in a city where music was everywhere.

Mom said if I wanted to move to Nashville, I should write a song about it." The result was Brooke's first composition, "Wild and Free."Brooke had another turning point when her parents decided she should compete in the Colgate Country Showdown in Live Oak, Fla.

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