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By Laura De Carlo It’s OK, we’re alone, so raise your hand if the idea of interviewing is intimidating or frightening. It’s natural to feel intimidated about the unknown. The great news is that interviewing is a situation where not only can you overcome your fear, but you can strategically position yourself as the one to win the job.

You see, you have to recognize interviewing for what it is -- a game.

It is a game in which the most prepared applicant will win.

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So where does this leave you and your interviewing anxiety?

Picture your choices: If you had to choose between a totally qualified yet arrogant and unkempt person and a seemingly smart, vibrant, and communicative person, who would you be most likely to choose?

Except in situations like brain surgery, if you appear trainable, fit in, and can meet the company / customer needs, then you are a better choice than the person who can do the job but will not be liked by staff or customers. If it is a game, then there are strategies to winning the game.

If you master the strategies, then you can win, regardless of your age, education level or other self-perceived barriers.

The best way to visualize this is as an uneven playing field.

This is the only competitive sport where you will never get to see your competition perform.

Therefore, you do not know what you are up against.

My personal approach in the interview process is to recognize the power of striving to be better than average.

Or, be better than you were the last time you had a job interview -- improve your process, make progress in your personal development and approach.

We live in America, called the land of opportunity.

Many people have made millions starting with nothing in this country because they recognized the value of excellence.

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