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A surveyor hired by Henry determined that part of the fence was on Henry's property.In July 2002, Henry sued Hamilton and asserted claims arising from Hamilton's construction of the fence.The case was settled with an agreement that required Hamilton's insurance company to pay Henry ,500.

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The two men engaged in countless acts intended to harass, intimidate and otherwise disturb each other and each other's families.

Because Hamilton's conduct is not at issue, we will only provide a summary of Henry's conduct.

Beginning in September 2001, Henry began using a blower to blow leaves and other debris into Hamilton's yard.

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Irsie Henry was fired from his position as a City of Los Angeles police officer for engaging in numerous acts while off duty meant to harass, intimidate and disturb his neighbors, for bringing discredit to the Los Angeles police department, for inappropriately accessing the police department computer for non-duty related activities, and for making misleading statements to police investigators.The superior court denied Henry's petition for a writ of mandate. In about February or March, 2001, Henry purchased a home in Altadena.At first his relationship with his neighbor John Hamilton was cordial.Henry and his wife sent a plant to Hamilton and his wife when Henry first moved next door to Hamilton.Several months later, the relationship deteriorated after Henry and Hamilton had an argument over a fence that was on the border of their respective properties.Henry wanted to remove and replace the fence; Hamilton did not agree to do so.

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