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And keep on Voting for Victorious for Favorite TV Show! author: imlaughingnowprompt: but first, i’d like to find out who did itsummary: In which Beck tries to propose to Jade but accidentally orchestrates a sex talk from Sikowitz instead./\ “I can’t believe they thought we were virgins.” “Me neither; idiots.” If you have completed all four phases and you are not included in the list above, please submit links to all four phase entries along with the form.And a big thank you to everybody who participated in the event!(They all walk in) Everyone: (cheering an hug them) Cat: I'm so glad you guys made up Jade: Me too Tori: (smiles at Jade) Thanks Andre: So is everyone all loved up now or what? Andre: I was kidding Cat: Well, I'm not Beck: What's going on? Robbie: (Goes up to her and holds her hand) Cat and Dionne&Jade: (looks shocked) Tori: Why do you two look shocked for? Cat: Oh right (Everyone laughs including Cat) Sikowitz: What was that crazy Joey Thomas doing back here? I have no idea Tori: Well, that's helpful Beck: Really helpful (Puts his arm around Tori) Sikowitz: Oh...before I forget. Beck: It's nothing Robbie: You don't seem very sure?Beck: It's not like it's surprising Dionne: It's not? Beck: Ruining lives by all accounts Tori: yeah...anyway we will tell you later..just get on with the lesson Sikowitz: What lesson? Beck: Trust me..will just be one of those letters to help out for the next friday night concert (Everyone simultanously agrees except Tori who looks really confused) Tori: (whispers to Jade) Do you know that he is trying to hide something? Tori: yeah Jade: He's Beck..course he's hiding something Tori: Why won't he tell me? I go to school here Trina: I thought you were expelled Jade: You are a bit late aren't you? You should be expelled for what you did Tori: Trina Trina: No Tori, she's a.... We all know the real truth Cat: It wasn't Jade, it was Joey Thomas Trina: Joey Thomas? Beck: I think we just established that Trina: Oh, well sorry for everything (walks out embarrassed) Jade: She's weird Tori&Dionne: I have to live with her (Everyone laughs but Beck, who isn't in the mood for laughing) What is Beck hiding? Andre: No Tori: Not at all...anyway (to Cat and Robbie) Congrats you 2 Robbie: Thanks (The bell rings) Cat: Time for Sikowitz..(runs off with Robbie) (Everyone slowly follows) Beri: Crazy kids..loved up Jade: You 2 can talk Tori: (turns her head and sticks her tongue out joking at Jade) Jade: (Does the same back) (In Sikowitz's class. Tori, Beck, Jade, Andre and Dionne walk in) Tori: Feels good to be back Dionne: You were gone for 2 days? (Everyone looks at each other confused) Jade: Well... Jade: Must be really important if he doesn't want to tell you straight away Tori: (awkwardly) Yeah Trina: (bursts through the door) Hey guys, listen...

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