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For Bill Hudson, this was a wedding to dream about.

‘For years I have been living with the hell of Goldie manipulating the story of our time together,’ he sighs.

‘She gives interviews every time she has a film out, and now Kate does too, and they present this story to the world about how I “abandoned” the family and how her partner [actor Kurt Russell] is the only “real” man in their lives.’‘I have lived with it for long enough.

I never wanted to get into a public slanging match but I have other children now and they deserve the right to get to know Kate and Oliver and I want the world to know the truth about Goldie.

‘I am sick and tired of her portraying this squeaky-clean image to the world when the reality of her life is so different. I have done this book because I want to show the flip side of the Hollywood dream.

I got caught up in Goldie’s world and I am still paying a painful price.’Goldie was already a huge star, earning more than $1 million a movie for comedies such as There’s A Girl In My Soup (alongside Peter Sellers), The Sugarland Express (Steven Spielberg’s first film) and Shampoo (co-starring Warren Beatty).‘Goldie was up in first as I was, but the band were back in economy so I spent most of the flight back there, drinking with the guys.

About 30 minutes out, I was told to go back to first to prepare for landing and my brother Brett said, “Hey, why don’t you go talk to Goldie? ” ’Hudson, already a young star, was no wallflower, enjoying high-profile affairs with some of the most beautiful women of the era including Ali Mac Graw (‘she remains a great friend to this day’) and Candice Bergen.‘I had a nice wine buzz on, so I went to chat to her. Her skin was perfect and she had this mane of blonde hair and that wonderful throaty laugh that got you grinning the second you heard it. She agreed to see me for dinner that night.’He recalls: ‘We went over and Goldie was chatting with him and the girl he was with and the guy was seriously rude to me.

He had no interest in talking to me and I just thought he was a jerk.

They got up to leave and Goldie told me they were called Gina and Gus and were siblings.

I said, “Well, Gus is an a**h***.”‘Goldie didn’t change expression but said, “Um, that’s my husband.” That was how I learned she was still married to Gus Trikonis, a movie director.

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