Is updating his facebook status

However, in some instances, you may want your status to be seen by onow those who can access your Facebook profile.

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Facebook gives you complete control over who can see your status and from whom you would like to hide it.

All this can be quickly done while updating the status with just a few clicks.

Below you will see the complete process of updating your status for specific people only.

Soon after I married my Army officer husband, an acquaintance gave me a photocopied page of an old-school military spouse handbook as a lark.

As part and parcel of being a “good” military spouse, it entreated new spouses to have at least two pairs of white gloves on hand at all times as well as a well-stocked stationery box.

The first was deemed necessary to make the best possible impression on all the higher-ups a wife might meet as her husband made his ascent through the ranks.

The second, of course, was recommended to help the new spouse stay connected with friends and family as she started her wonderful new adventure as a soldier’s rock and helpmeet…

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Updating your current status to everyone is one of the most exciting features of Facebook.

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