Is vampirefreaks a dating site

I would hate to see any other person go through this type of treatment from a website, especially since their website is aimed towards a younger crowd.Since then the matters have been dealt by the authorities and through legal action.

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When 25-year-old Kimveer Gill went on a shooting spree last week at Montreal's Dawson College, killing one student and injuring 19 others before turning his shotgun on himself, reporters seeking to explain the man's homicidal snap mined a treasure trove on Gill's personal blog. He is not a people person." His Web journal featured a photo of his hoped-for tombstone, featuring his name and an epitaph that read: "Lived fast, died young.

"His name is Kimveer," he wrote of himself at Vampire Left a mangled corpse." Gill wrote, prophetically, that he wanted to die "like Romeo and Juliet—or in a hail of gunfire." When 21-year-old Melinda Duckett, the Florida mother of a 2-year-old missing for almost four weeks now, shot herself two weeks ago, she left behind an elaborate personal journal on her Web page at My, the massive online networking site"I have had to fight to keep my son, whom I am extremely proud of," she wrote in one post.

If i was able to rate this website a zero i would, but zero is not a choice.

I don’t use this website, I don’t have a profile on this website, I’ve never purchased anything from this website and I in anyway have never personally known the owner or admins of this website personally or socially.

My complaint is of no personal vendetta or in anyway to “intentionally” trash a business for no reason, unless i have a VALID reason.

I DO want to say this, this “business” went out of their way to completely stalk and bully me online, hack into all my personal electronic devices.includes my home personal computer, my phone, tablet, etc. They got involved into my personal daily life, my personal photos, etc and completely took it among themselves to bully me consistently, stalk, and spy on me on a daily basis. I have NEVER done business with this website, nor do i use their “social profiles”.

Once i found out this company was doing this to me and confronted them they repeatedly tried to humiliate me on a daily basis through my personal relationships with others and even having their “friends” and “admins” contribute in their illegal activities and started to repeatedly and daily send me sexist and violent emails as to what they would do to me if i were to escalate this to authorities.

The owner of this website is a coward, when i found out his website was responsible for doing this I immediately contacted them I was just met with more bullying. the website, the owner, the admins are completely corrupted and mentally disturbed individuals.

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